CWM-based Recovery for Rockchip

all credit goes to original CWM author koush and all its contributors. but they have no responsibility for this CWM-based Recovery. use this CWM-based Recovery at your own risk.

this CWM-based Recovery can write raw MTD partition such as kernel, boot, and recovery on RK3188, RK3066, RK2928, RK2926, RK2918, and RK2906 devices without any problem. this can be installed without Windows.

if you want to install zip with edify script which writes something to raw MTD partition, you have to use update-binary and/or flash_image included in this CWM-based Recovery image.


Current status (2013/4/27)

tested functions


if device specific image for your device is not available, you may try generic ramdisk-only image.

to use generic ramdisk-only image, you have to have working kernel in kernel partition. for safety, "format kernel" function is removed from menu on generic ramdisk-only image.

adding device specific image is easy. please tell us where to download latest official firmware for your device. sorry, we're very busy. currently we cannot promise when we can do any thing. but, we'll continue our work. please wait when we have a time.

Other resources

Known issues

How to enter recovery

button combination

Switch your tablet off and try all button combinations with POWER button, e.g. HOME + POWER, BACK + POWER, etc. If you had no luck or your tablet is w/o buttons then try next method.

from adb

adb reboot recovery

How to control



touch screen


remote controller