CyanogenMod for Rockchip

this is a work-in-progress development project for porting CyanogenMod 7 (gingerbread/2.3.7) and ClockworkMod Recovery 5 to RK2918 tablets.

project for RK2818 tablets was CLOSED. no update will be done.

there is no support from any makers/vendors. you must agree all risks by installing non-supported files, it may brick your tablet, and you may lose official support/warranty.

discussion for development (for RK2818, CLOSED)

new thread for RK2918 will be prepared...

need developers!

do you want to improve this firmware? we are looking for developers, otherwise we can't promise any updates at all because a lot of work need to be done.
if you want to join us, please contact fun_ or geoRG77 on XDA/androidtablets/slatedroid.

RK2918 tested tablets

RK2918 current status (2011/11/26)

not work:

3G, bluetooth, camera, hardware accelerated video, HDMI, and many things which you expect to work


3D, accelerometer, audio, gapps, internal NAND flash, SD card, touchscreen, USB host/device, vibrator, wlan


refer git log


How to dump stock update.img (if you don't have stock update.img)

  1. get temporary root if adb shell is not root shell
  2. dump update.img from backup partition with rkdump for android

How to modify update.img

  1. unpack stock update.img for your tablet with AFPTool.exe(Windows) or rkunpack(Unices) (DO NOT USE FILES FOR OTHER TABLETS!)
  2. replace boot.img and system.img with files from CM7 (see below)
  3. (if necessary) unpack system.img with fsck.cramfs(RK2818) or loopback mount system.img(RK2918), tweak accelerometer properties in build.prop, add gapps, remove/replace TSCalibration.apk, then repack system.img with mkfs.cramfs
  4. repack update.img with ATPTool.exe(Windows) or rkafpack(Unices)

How to flash update.img

  1. use RKAndroidBatchUpgrade.exe(RK2818) or RKBatchTool.exe(RK2918)
  2. (TBD)

How to tweak accelerometer axes

try some of following properties:
these can be set from shell e.g. setprop accelerometer.flip_xy 1. after setprop, auto-rotate off->on to reflect properties. once you get correct settings, add necessary lines into /system/build.prop. in most cases, one of followings will work:

RK2918 latest images (2011/11/26)

at least 144MiB is needed for system partition.

you can skip TS calibration by pressing BACK.

[CLOSED] RK2818 current status (2011/11/18)

not work:

3G, HDMI, and many things which you expect to work


accelerometer, audio, gapps, hardware accelerated video, internal NAND flash, SD card, touchscreen with calibration app, USB host/device, USB GPS dongle, wlan

[CLOSED] RK2818 issues

[CLOSED] RK2818 latest images (2011/11/18)