About us

We are doing this project because we love tablets. We're constantly seeking for new talents to join us. We are looking mainly for developers or testers with advanced knowledge of BSD, GNU/Linux, and Android AOSP. Even if you don't have such kind of knowledge and you think you can help us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Another thing we are interested in are SDK's, source codes, documentation... basicaly everything for any SoC. As only the kernel is licensed under GPLv2, some companies publish only kernel patches (better case) or nothing (common for most Chinese companies) so developing anything without documentations is hard job and although we love reverse engineering, we can't spend all of our time to try supporting every tablet on the planet (and for free).

Please take that into account before buying low-end Chinese tablets as you can't really expect any support from them, 99% of sellers care about you till you send the money. If you need regular updates buy an iPad or any Android tablet from a realiable company.

FUKAUMI Naoki Japan & ORSÁG Ji?í Czech Republic