Rockchip SDK

this page provides sample images built from latest RK3288 R-BOX ANDROID4.4.2 SDK.

any redundant decoration is not included. you can try plain SDK firmware.

this page/these images are for someone who want to build own firmware, and not for someone who want to try random ROM images without knowledge.

absolutely no warranty

Sample images

Hotack T031 V0.2 board (AP6330) (patch)

Netxeon R89 V2.0 board (AP6335/AP6330) (patch)

U-Boot in above images were built from this source. it supports Linux mainline kernel.

How to build

$ cd rk3288_r-box_android4.4.2_sdk
$ git apply path/to/patch
$ cd kernel
$ make rockchip_box_defconfig # or make rockchip_box_ap6330_defconfig
$ make rk3288-box.img
$ cd ..
$ make otapackage