Emdoor EM73

Warning: Do NOT use FwTool to install anything, your touchscreen will be dead!!!

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main PCB version

CPU board PCB version

how to enter fwdn/recovery/fastboot

disassembled Emdoor EM73

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EM73 (4K pagesize)

mtd0: 00a00000 00100000 "boot"
mtd1: 00500000 00100000 "kpanic"
mtd2: 0c800000 00100000 "system"
mtd3: 00400000 00100000 "splash"
mtd4: 02800000 00100000 "cache"
mtd5: 0f100000 00100000 "userdata"
mtd6: 00a00000 00100000 "recovery"
mtd7: 00100000 00100000 "misc"
mtd8: 00100000 00100000 "tcc"